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Blanks and grinded products

Blanks - We offer blanks (prisms, cylinders, cases, rings, and other shapes) of cemented carbides (hard metals) in different sizes and materials K05-K40, G10-G50 and B20-B50, containing 3-30% Co and a grain size 0.4-6 µm. We utilize nozzles for different needs according the requests of our customers regarding shape, size and type of material.

Grinded products are manufactured in tolerances and machining according the customer documentation. Among the grinded products are included products in combination of molded carbide core in a steel sleeve or fixing carbide product at steel carrier technology by soldering or glueing.

Small and larger quantities

Our ability to supply products of cemented carbides (hard metals) in pieces and small series but also in large quantities in agreed acceptable delivery terms, predisposes satisfy a wide range of needs of our customers. We pay maximum attention at each customer and service from receiving an inquiry to delivery of ordered products.

For greater efficiency and the minimum price of products we offer our customers , based on orders and establish long-term cooperation, storage of the products in our warehouse follow up with shipping by the schedule or the customer requirement.

Technical support

We also offer technical support based on long and rich industry experience. Our archive already includes a large number of technical drawings and documentation.

If necessary, we participate in the development of new products, where our experience, technical support and creative approach is beneficial to the successful application of our supplied products.


Range of blanks and grinded products, that we offer, is not restricted.


We are ready to respond to any of your challenge.

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